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Qwest TV to offer three channels on Samsung TV Plus

Qwest TV’s three new music-focused channels will be joining Samsung TV Plus which comes automatically installed on all 2016-2020 Samsung Smart TVs.

Co-founded by music icon Quincy Jones, the premium music-related video service will appear as a featured channel on the Samsung Smart TV platform for several weeks to kick off the partnership.

Qwest TV’s F.A.S.T channels - Qwest Jazz & Beyond (jazz, soul/funk, world), Qwest Classical (opera, dance, classical concerts from all over the world), and Qwest Mix (hip hop, electronic, indie rock, and more) - will all join the offering.

Qwest TV’s co-founders Réza Ackbaraly said: “This partnership with Samsung is meaningful to our mission. It increases the number of people who can tune into our channels and learn about our offerings. This growth will foster deeper engagement with and encourage enjoyment of classic gems and new, high-calibre music.”

Samsung TV Plus is being offered 100% free and doesn't require any downloads, credit cards, subscriptions or additional devices.

With more than 300 channels, TV Plus is available in a total of seven countries in Europe, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Italy and Spain. In these countries alone there are millions of active monthly users.